Stealing Time

st book cover large Title: Stealing Time
Series: Waiting For Dusk #3
Author: Nancy Pennick
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Ice & Fire
Formats Available In: Kindle, Nook and Print
Release Date: 24th February 2014

Drew from the past, Kate from the present, two worlds collided.

As senior year comes to a close, a promise of new beginnings is on the horizon. Kate longs to head to Arizona and college until her former friend, Tyson, does the unimaginable forcing her to stay in Ohio. Her family has to pull together to keep their secrets safe. Anna wishes to return to the canyon in 1927 once more and Kate’s determined to make that a reality. Summer’s filled with wonderful memories and little warning of things to come. Kate’s world grows darker and she must be the one to conquer the demons and save the world that is most precious to her.

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Fire and Ice

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Double Call From Desire, Eri Nelson

Eri Nelson Title: Double Call From Desire

Series: Dearhart Clan #2

Author: Eri Nelson

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

From unorthodox author, Eri Nelson, comes the second look into the dark primal world of the DHC (Dearhart Clan Series). An adult tale that continues with the moon’s induced passions that surpass humanity’s logic in favor of not meeting a beckoning demise.

As Kristen and Owen come to grips with a chosen destiny gifted by the moon, a scout is ushered off in search of a rogue wolf. Thomas chosen by Owen to survey for a troublesome wolf discovers a howly formed desirable temptation that he had never wish to unearth.

Not long after Thomas leaves on his scouting mission, Owen himself is persuaded by his highest of confidants to go in search of Kristen’s past. Since she is their hopeful future, Owen is forced to depart only to find that soon after he is gone a misstep by Kristen finds her gripped by a revenging hand’s fury.

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The Spiral Revealed, Erin Danzer


Title: The Spiral Revealed
Series: The Spiral Defenders #2
Author: Erin Danzer
Formats Available: Digital
Publication Date: 7th March 2014

What secrets will the Spiral reveal?

After Ronnie follows Gavin into the Spiral, she finds out getting the answers she is looking for isn’t as easy as she thought.

Some secrets are kept. A secret love affair comes to light. New abilities are revealed. Ronnie finds she has enemies before she makes new friends. She falls harder for Gavin, but is betrothed to another, a betrothal that will not be broken even after she and Gavin form a sacred bond.

As turmoil rises within the Spiral, Ronnie learns the truth about her enemy. She must fight to become a Spiral Defender and queen of her new home—or risk that home spiralling into nothing.


Ronnie screamed. The monster had to be at least seven feet tall and was made up entirely of swirling shadows. Its form was vaguely human and where its eyes should have been, bright white lights shone out into the darkness. A long, scaly tail swished behind it as it came right for them. Gavin pushed Ronnie behind him as he readied his sword and Ronnie knew they were going to have to fight this thing together. She pushed down the panic that tried to overcome her and raised her sword as well. She wasn’t about to let Gavin face this thing alone. Continue reading

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A Ranger’s Tale, Mysti Parker

Mysti ParkerHiya Sarah and Osier Publishing readers!

Thanks so much for having me here today. I’m excited to be touring around with Caliphany and Galadin once again, now that A Ranger’s Tale is an indie book. Since the hosts have given me the choice of post topic, I thought I’d show you where it all began. Here’s the second chapter, where half-elf former pirate Galadin steps in to rescue high-elf noblewoman Caliphany from an attempted kidnapping. Little did they know this was only the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime…

Chapter Two

image002Claude and Bruce, two of the roughest sailors I’d ever met, had the woman squished between them. The guards were still dealing with the brawl at the tavern. So, I took matters into my own hands. With one arm I had Claude in a headlock, and my other hand held the dagger against his throat. He released her hands and raised his own in a gesture of surrender.

Bruce wouldn’t give up that easily. He tightened his grip on her face. “This doesn’t concern you, half-breed. Get outta the way.”

I stared him in the eye and repeated, “Let her go.”

He didn’t, and Claude paid for it. I slid the dagger a little way across his neck. He yelped, and Bruce stepped back, still clenching the woman and pulling her back with him. She tried to pry his hand from her face, but he held tight. I slid the blade a little farther. Blood dripped down Claude’s dirty shirt. Then, my eyes met hers. They were as blue as the ocean at midday.

Claude spoke up then, through his clenched teeth. “Let ‘er go, Bruce.”

Bruce pursed his lips and shook his head. Suddenly, he flung the woman away from him and cried out. His arms had burn marks on them, in painful-looking red stripes the shape of her fingers. Continue reading

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Fixed the shop!

Ages ago I installed a shop here on the Osier Publishing website – and I couldn’t get it to work. Paypal wouldn’t play nicely and the book cover images wouldn’t load in the right way.

I put it on a back burner and concentrated on other things.

Until today.

Today I fixed it! First I fixed the paypal issue, so things can be bought. Then I found a solution to the book cover image issue, and fixed that. Lastly I added some of the Osier Publishing range of paperbacks to the catalogue. I’ll be adding the final few titles later.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for those, would you like a look? Just click the banner.

Osier Inspired

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Hellfire – 5 things you didn’t know.

Hellfire InfernoThe series follows a young woman named Ardentia. Her mother was cursed by a high ranking Demon family, leading to a separation of mother and child. Raised by a nun, the young woman grew to become the demon huntress her mother was before her. In an effort to find her own way, free her mother’s curse, and create peace for herself, she lights the Spark that infuriates Hell. This leads even Lucifer to take action against mankind.

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There is Poetry in Divorce

According to our good friend, Tracey West, There is Poetry in Divorce.

Tracey WestWAND (Women’s Action Network Dorset) have a very proud and vocal patron in Lyme based author, Tracey West.

She joined to elevate awareness of the organisation’s incredible work, helping countless women, many suffering as a result of poverty, ill health, or domestic violence and abuse.

At the recent ‘No Excuse for Abuse’ conference, Tracey performed a few poems from her new book, ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’.  She had an attentive audience, including the new Chief Constable Debbie Simpson, Lord Lieutenant of Dorset Valerie Pitt-Rivers, High Sheriff Jeremy Pope, Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset Martyn Underhill and the mayors of Dorchester, Bridport and Weymouth and Portland, plus many support workers from related sectors. Continue reading

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Love in One Night – Rebecca Royce

Rebecca RoyceAs a teenager, Rebecca Royce would hide in her room to read her favorite romance novels when she was supposed to be doing her homework. She hopes, these days, that her parents think it was well worth it.

Rebecca is the mother of three adorable boys and is fortunate to be married to her best friend. They’ve just moved to Texas where Rebecca is discovering a new love for barbecue!

She’s in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and tries to use all of these elements in her writing. She’s been told she’s a little bloodthirsty so she hopes that when you read her work you’ll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance.

Rebecca loves to write series because she loves to see characters develop over time and it always makes her happy to see her favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In Rebecca Royce’s world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

Read on for a word from Rebecca and an excerpt from her new book. Continue reading

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Guest post: Jade Kerrion.

Jade Kerrion’s two newest novels, Earth-Sim and When the Silence Ends, are pulling in fantastic reviews. Please take a moment to check them out and take advantage of the book launch sale. Keep reading to find the coupon code!


Amazon Rating: 4.8 Stars (13 reviews)

“Earth-Sim starts off awesome and just keeps getting even better…Ms. Kerrion has done an amazing job with her world-building…This is one book that I will find myself rereading over and over – and one that I will encourage all of my friends to read.”—Cara Drake, Amazon reviewer

Was the super-continent of Pangaea split because of a management dispute? Is the biblical flood the earliest evidence of why “technology and water don’t mix”? If you always suspected that mass extinctions, such as the Black Death, had an otherworldly reason, you just might be right. Is there a real message hidden in the mysterious manuscripts that human sages and savants have created through the generations? Is there life out there, beyond our planet, and why has none of it shown up on Earth yet?

Earth-Sim is a unique spin on the history of Earth and the history of mankind. What if Earth and the entire universe were actually part of a simulation program? What if the most iconic and memorable events in Earth’s history were decisions (or more frequently accidents) triggered by two college students, Jem Moran and Kir Davos, who are still sorting out the finer points of working together and more importantly, still arguing over the finer points of planetary management?

Bring your sense of humor. Earth-Sim is frequently whimsical and often irreverent. Either way, you finally have someone to blame for the state the world is in.

E-books available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords

Paperbacks available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository

BOOK LAUNCH SALE (50% DISCOUNT): Grab a copy of Earth-Sim for only $1.50 at Smashwords with coupon code MS68F. Valid until April 15.


When the Silence Ends

Amazon Ratings: 4.6 Stars (9 reviews)

“Wow! When the Silence Ends is captivating! I laughed, I cried, I could not put it down. Forget Harry Potter and Twilight…every young adult should read this book!”—KatRomeo, Amazon reviewer

When you choose your friends, you also choose your enemies.

Seventeen-year old Dee wants nothing more than to help her twin brother, Dum, break free from the trauma in their childhood and speak again, but the only person who can help Dum is the alpha empath, Danyael Sabre, whom the U.S. government considers a terrorist and traitor.

The search for Danyael will lead Dee and Dum from the sheltered protection of the Mutant Affairs Council and into the violent, gang-controlled heart of Anacostia. Ensnared by Danyael’s complicated network of friends and enemies, Dee makes her stand in a political and social war that she is ill equipped to fight. What can one human, armed only with her wits and pepper spray, do against the super-powered mutants who dominate the Genetic Revolution?

America, nevertheless, is ripe for transformation. Exhausted by decades of belligerence between humans and their genetic derivatives–the clones, in vitros, and mutants–society is on the verge of falling apart or growing up. Dee, with her sassy attitude and smart mouth, is the unwitting pebble that starts the avalanche of change. In her quest to help her brother become normal, Dee will finally learn what it means to be extraordinary.

When the Silence Ends is a Young Adult novel in the award-winning Double Helix series.

E-books available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

Paperbacks available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository

BOOK LAUNCH SALE (50% DISCOUNT): Grab a copy of When the Silence Ends for only $1.50 at Smashwords with coupon code FL93Y. Valid until April 15.


Find Jade Kerrion at Website / Facebook / Twitter

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Tolomay’s World and The Pool of Light

If you’re looking for a fiction book that’s not quite as soft as a YA, but still carries the intriguing ‘feel’ that YA books offer, check out newly released Tolomay’s World and The Pool of Light.  This is the first book of a series of novels by author M.E Lorde ( book two is scheduled for a March 2013 release).  The premise of this plot is that mankind is being re-introduced onto the planet a thousand years into the future- after an apocalyptic event has wiped all living things from the earth.  When the first candidates arrive from the past to their new earth- the one that is once again green and liveable- it’s a peace filled paradise.  Unfortunately, things do not stay that way for long.  Check out the first chapter and the book links below.  Look for the second book, Tolomay’s World and The Mountain of Tegi, coming soon to kindle and nook.  While the first book may seem suitable for YA readers (there is no cursing or sex in this series), keep in mind that the plot thickens and grows in books two and three and will not be appropriate for the younger YA readers due to adult content and social situations.  While there seems a science fiction element, this book will lead you into raw and pure nature, where you will meet both the best and the worst of men.  Genres = Fantasy/ Romance/ New Adult.

Chapter One

tolomays world and the pool of light “Peace of life,” said the Chideman as he poured the blue water from the glass urn into the pool.  It was surreal.

“Peace of life,” my response was automatic.

My heart pounded.  For thirteen years I’d trained for this.  Still I was not ready.  The machine’s copper pipes gave off a warm smell that drifted to my nostrils as if precious biscuits were baking in the eating room.  The calming scent only made it worst. Continue reading

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