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Happy New Year

Yes, we know, it’s a bit late, but would you really have wanted a cheery Happy New Year amid all the others? Or would you rather spend some quality time with us, now the music has died down and your ears have finally stopped ringing from the fireworks?

Lame excuse, we know that too. Can we say we were all to busy partying?

No, not really. We just took a short holiday but we’re back in the saddle again now and raring to go.

So, a few days late, Happy New Year and welcome to 2013. It’s looking to be a bumper year at Osier Publishing with releases from Morgan Gallagher, our favourite nightmare provider, and a new talent who we’re nagging constantly to hurry up and get her first manuscript to us. There are two to choose from so far and we love them both. Will you love airships or a new world?

Morgan’s new book, Bedlam Maternity is already available in ebook form and we’re waiting for the final details to be signed off on the paperback release.

We’re all very excited about Morgan’s next book in the Dreyfuss trilogy too. Lucifer’s Stepdaughter will be gaining its (her?) page here as soon as Morgan is over her throat infection – we wish you a speedy recovery! To say we love Morgan’s Dreyfuss would be wrong, he’s just not loveable (really, he’s not, read Changeling.) But the story has us gripped and we really, really need to know what happens next…..

If you’re a reader we hope you’re as excited as we are. If you’re a writer… we hope you read too! And if you have a manuscript you think could have us as excited as this then why not get in touch?