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October round up.

NaNoWriMo 2012It’s the 1st of November and writers around the world are embarking on an awfully big adventure… No, not the book by Beryl Bainbridge, or the film with Alan Rickman. We meant This one. If you’re participating, Good Luck!

Here at Osier Publishing we’re doing our monthly round up in terms of sales. We’re also eating pumpkin soup and turning the heating up.

Tea with the DemonOver at Kobo books, Sarah Barnard’s The Heir short story is still in the lead, outselling every other title we have on that site. The Heir even flies ahead of our latest release, Tea with the Demon, by Isobel Herring.

Canada and the USA are still buying the most books. On that note, and more seriously, we’re thinking of all affected by hurricane Sandy and hope you’re all safe.

At Amazon, Morgan Gallagher’s Changeling is tied with Tea with the Demon for that number one spot, with Sarah Barnard’s The Portal Between hot on their heels.

Over all sales channels, across all distributors and retailers, Sarah Barnard’s The Heir has managed to hold on to that pole position for October – the third month in a row.

So, today is the first day of a new month, we reset the counters to zero and we wonder what November will bring.